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Project Emergence Cover Reveal and Sneak Peek (+ Giveaway)

Today Jamie Zakian and Month9Books are
revealing the cover and first chapter for PROJECT EMERGENCE which releases March
14, 2017! Check out the gorgeous cover and enter to be one of the first readers
to receive a eGalley!!
A quick note from the author:
I’ve always dreamed of
writing an epic sci-fi thriller. I knew I wanted it to involve a group of teens
leaving a dead Earth to start new lives on a terra formed Mars, but I didn’t
have any ideas on how to make the plot exciting. Then, a song I never heard before
played on my Pandora app. Escape by Rogue. As that song blasted through my
headphones, the entire story that is Project Emergence streamed through my mind
like a movie trailer. So, I went straight to work. It took months of frantic
writing, almost a year of editing, and a mini rewrite, but that moment of
inspiration became my first YA novel.
Project Emergence is a
fast-paced thrill ride across the stars. It shows the extent people will go to
uphold their beliefs, and that love can overcome any evil.

On to the reveal!