Review Policy

Our book preferences lie within all types of YA (fantasy, contemporary, dystopian, etc),

but we are open to NA or Adult books.

DNF “Did Not Finish”: Did not like the book & refuse to finish it. Will not recommend to others.

1 Crown: Finished the book, but did not like it at all. Most likely do not recommend.

2 CrownsIt was OK, but had many faults/dislikes. Probably will not recommend.

3 CrownsI liked it, but I feel it had some faults/issues. Might recommend.

4 Crowns: I really enjoyed it. It was good book, but something is missing. Will recommend.

5 Crowns: A book favorite. It was perfect & I had no faults/issues with it. Highly recommended!

We will try our best to limit our reviews to be spoiler-free, but if there is a potentially spoiler we will notify the reader before the aforementioned spoiler.

We do not receive any form of compensation for reviews.

We will review print and digital books from all types of publication including self-published books.

Due to our limited time and abundance of books, we hold the right to deny any request to review a book.

All reviews are our honest and uncensored OPINIONS.

Please note that reviews are subjective. Although we might not like or we might even hate a book, that does not mean it is a bad book, the author is a bad a writer, etc. We do not want to offend or hurt anybody. This is our blog where we post reviews of our honest and personal opinions about books.

All reviews will include the following: 

Cover art

Book stats: Title, author, release date, series status

Where I received the book

My review: What I liked and didn’t

Star rating

 We try out best to post reviews on all forms of social media such as:

Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.

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